Project Management

Utilstra adapts a top-down systematic approach in its scheduling, by breaking down each work package in to manageable weekly based tasks. Required timeframes are generated with reference to the Critical Path, which is one of the most logical and accurate estimation methods.

As a result, Utilstra has the full capacity to deliver major design projects and civil works to some of the prestigious clients in the nation. With this integrated system, UTILSTRA becomes unified in different aspects of project management and business operation, with each function aligned to a single goal: improving the performance of the entire business in meeting customer expectations 

Utilities Consultancy

Utilstra provides consultancy on the utilities services about building new networks services or relocate existing services.

This includes:

  • Providing option of building networks
  • Design Services
  • Bidding Support in large infrastructure (relocation)
  • Stakeholder management
  • LAAN access

Utilities Relocations

Utilstra offers end-to-end services when it comes to utilities. Utilstra provides complete consultancy, design and construction of all utilities that require relocation from the property or the development.

This includes following but not limited to:

  • Design to suit the client requirement
  • Design share trench to save cost
  • Organise the acceptance with the utilities authorities
  • Organise approval from relevant council (LAAN process)
  • Conduct Environmental due diligence
  • Construction of the utilities in consultation with the asset owner
  • Staging the work
  • Project Engineering the work
  • Monitoring the work
  • Complying with the Utilstra QA requirement
  • Complying with the asset owner’s specifications
  • Provide the Works as Executed (WAE)
  • Organise the Asset Owner’s compliance letter
  • Hand Over the site

Engineering and Design

UTILSTRA provides Engineering Solutions in utilities including Telecommunications, Power, Water and Gas Industry.

Design & Construction in utilities is the core expertise of our business and to support the delivery of these services Utilstra employs and engages highly qualified and experienced personnel including range of management and engineering professionals to deliver quality services in line with costumers needs. A functional organisation structure ensures clear allocation of responsibilities based on expertise. The operation of Utilstra is project and task focused, guaranteeing a high level of disciplined execution.

This includes:

  • Completing DECAF (Including duct study and proving)
  • Designing the route (in CAD / Visio)
  • Provide the Design Risk Assessment
  • Provide the Environmental Impact Study
  • Create CEMP
  • Organise the LAAN on behalf of the Asset Owner


Civil Work
  • General Civil Works
  • Major Excavation
  • Reinstatement work
  • Concreting footpath
  • Road excavation and reseal
  • Installing Turf and Seed
  • Equipped with various size Excavators (3tn to 15tn)
  • Equipped with Commercial Tippers
  • Share Trenching for combined utilities (Power / GAS / Water / Telco)
  • Installation Protection
  • Installing shoring
  • Installing Steel water main and Distribution
  • Installing
Non-Destructive Digging
  • Hydro-Excavation
  • Equipped with multiple Hydrovac machines
Under-boring (Trenchless)
  • Installing PE Electricity Orange Pipe 63mm, 125mm, 140mm & 180mm
  • Installing PE Telco Pipe 63mm, 110mm, 150mm
  • Installing PE GAS Pipe 32mm, 70mm, 110mm
  • Installing PE Water Pipe 25mm, 70mm, 110mm
  • Installing Various size pipes including single, 6 x way, 10 x way, 18 x way duct configuration
  • Installing Pits (Telco / Power / Sika / Defence Type / Polycrete / Channel)
  • Installing pipes in share trench (telco-power-water-gas etc)

Cabling Solutions

Utilstra provides Cabling Solutions to the customer in accordance with ACMA requirement that includes Cable Hauling (External and Internal), Subduct hauling (new and existing network).

This includes:

  • Hauling Copper Cable (any size)
  • Hauling Subduct
  • Hauling Fibre OPTIC Cable (up to 720F)
  • Hauling HFC Cable (Any size)
  • Internal Building Cabling (Fibre/Copper)
  • Internal Power Cabling
  • Internal Network Cabling (CAT 5/6)

Splicing / Testing

  • Fibre Splicing, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Installing Fibre Joint Enclosures
  • Fusion Fibre Splicing (up to 720F)
  • Ribbon Fibre Splicing (Any size)
  • Test and Commission of the fibre
  • Bi- Directional OTDR testing
  • Insertion Loss Testing (1310 / 1550 / 1620)

Telco Equipment

  • Installing Wallbox
  • Installing FTP / LGX/ FOBOT unit
  • Installing Patch Cable
  • Installing RU Racks
  • Installing Intercom System
  • Installing CCTV / IPTV system

Telco Tower

UTILSTRA provides the support to the Telecommunication Tower and associated services in Canberra and NSW.

This includes:

    • Assisting in Design
    • Assisting in acquiring land
    • Assisting in construction

Asset Management and Maintenance (Emergency)

Utilstra provides support in asset management and maintenance for the Asset Owner.

This includes:

  • Emergency call out
  • Attend site in the emergency
  • Provide solutions to temp repair
  • Provide permanent solution (Design and risk management)
  • Provide construction where required
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