Stormwater & Drainage

Lake Canobolas Water and Sewer Main, Orange, NSW

The purpose of the new water and sewer main is to remove the need of existing services and connect onto the existing Orange networks. The water main is a “renewal” project that will provide eligible residents and users of the lake, scout camp and other facilities with potable water of a higher quality. The existing water main is a 300mm Cast Iron main that is over 100 years old and is oversized to meet the needs of the Lake Canobolas area. Through the implementation of a sewer pumping station and rising main, the existing septic systems that are currently utilised will be removed from the catchment of the Lake Canobolas Reserve and Molong Creek and be pumped into the Orange sewer network, being treated further downstream at the Orange Waste Water Treatment Plant. The proposed route for the pipeline runs between Towac Park (south west of Orange) to Lake Canobolas across a variety of landscapes, ranging from the fringes of the urban residential area, to small rural holdings, horse stud/agistment properties, to larger orchards and mixed agricultural land, and then the ‘environmental management’ areas of the Lake Canobolas broader Reserve in the west.


WORK TYPE: Construction Only

LOCATION: Nashdale Orange, NSW 2800

CLIENT: Orange Council

Urraween Pump Station-Harvey Bay-Fraser Coast, QLD

Construction of a new booster pump station building housing the following:
  • Pump room containing reservoir bypass pipework for gravity flow, boosted pump flow and a spare space for a future pump
  • Switch room for the housing of the new site wide switchboards and pump drives
  • Chemical storage room housing the new site wide sodium hypochlorite storage, analysing and dosing facility
  • Chemical delivery truck bunded area
  • Booster pump installation (principal free issue)
  • New pump station pipework including critical cut-ins
  • New below ground conduit system for new site wide electrical/control systems
  • New site wide storm water collection and discharge system
  • New site wide dosing and sampling pipework outside of chemical storage room
  • New access road and associated landscaping


WORK TYPE: Construction

LOCATION: Harvey Bay, Fraser Coast

CLIENT: Fraser Coast Regional Council

DURATION: 15 Months

Bloomsbury Water Main, Mackay QLD

This project is to maintain supply of water to Bloomsbury residents by adding a new pipeline, new storage tank and a new booster pump. The new pipeline provides opportunity for residents along the pipeline to connect to the main and be provided with safe treated water from a plentiful supply. It includes:
  • 15.3km of Watermains:
  • Size varies from 40mm to 150mm,
  • Material to be PE, PVC and DICL
  • Booster pump station
  • Pumpstation Building Incl Switchroom
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Access Track


WORK TYPE: Design and Construction

LOCATION: Bloomsbury, Mackay QLD

CLIENT: Mackay Regional Council

DURATION: 15 months

Huskisson Sewer Pump Station, Gravity and Rising Main

Carrying out of minor design and construction works for HUSKISSON SEWER PUMP STATION (SPS) 7,  Building, Switchroom, Wet well (5m dia x 7m deep), DN450PE of GRAVITY MAIN &RISING MAIN UPGRADES.


WORK TYPE: Design and Construction

LOCATION: Huskission, Nowra

CLIENT: Shoalhaven City Council

DURATION: 9 months

Scott St – Subdivision

This project includes Clearing, Cut and Fill, Earthworks, Stormwater drainage pipes and pit, Kerbs and Gutter, Water supply, Sewer reticulation, Pavements for new road construction, Pavements widening existing road carriageway, Concreting works, Landscape, Power and NBN and associated activities.


WORK TYPE: Complete Subdivision Development x 25 Lots

LOCATION: Condobolin

CLIENT: Lachlan Shire Council

DURATION: 12 Months

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