Singleton Water Main Renewal Program – NSW

CONTRACT TYPE: Principal Contractor (GC21)


LOCATION: Whole Singleton Council Area

CLIENT: Singleton Council

DURATION: 2019 - 2021

Singleton Council operates and maintains water and wastewater systems that include a water treatment plant, water reservoirs, water pumping stations and water reticulation network. Utilstra has been awarded as a Principal Contractor for the Design and Construction of approx. ~18km water mains involved of 40 different streets of various sizes. It is a 2 years contract + option 1 year. Utilstra have multiple crews working at the same time and working in multiple locations.  
It includes the supply of pipes, fittings, valves and civil work required for laying of water pipe lines to improve performance of assets and rehabilitate the existing network. This includes design, procure supply, excavation of trenches, laying of pipeline, connection with the existing water pipelines, cleaning of new pipelines, disinfecting before new pipelines are placed on service and commissioning of all components associated with this project. Consist of the following components:
  • Development and providing temporary water pipelines to supply water to existing customers and maintenance of temporary pipelines.
  • Notification of customers of scheduled works (2 weeks’ notice).
  • Prepare and submit QA/QP, EMP, Safety management plan.
  • Install water pipelines varying in sizes and locations identified and provided as per list given in this tender in accordance with WSAA Codes.
  • Installation of gate valves on the new pipelines as per the existing locations given upon award, connection of the new pipelines to the existing pipelines at both ends with provisions of valves.
  • Construction of surface boxes where valves and hydrants are provided.
  • Carrying out associated minor works for the proper completion and operation of the pipelines.
  • Locate all the existing pipelines and other utility services along the proposed alignment.
  • Crossing of the existing pipelines in locations where other utility lines are present (as required based on the site conditions).
  • Field hydrostatic pressure testing and disinfection of the pipelines.
  • Site inspections and rectifying defects during the Defects Liability Period.
  • Commissioning of all elements of pipelines, valves and associated works to comply with the requirements covered in the specifications and standards applicable to pipeline works.
  • Submission of Drawings and document as per Work-As-Executed specifications.
  • Remove all old Stop Valves and Hydrant boxes and repair roads.
  • All temporary works required for completion of works including environmental management plan(EMP), safety plans, quality control & management.
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