Huskisson Sewer Pump Station, Gravity and Rising Main


WORK TYPE: Design and Construction

LOCATION: Huskission, Nowra

CLIENT: Shoalhaven City Council

DURATION: 9 months

Carrying out of minor design and construction works for HUSKISSON SEWER PUMP STATION (SPS) 7,  Building, Switchroom, Wet well (5m dia x 7m deep), DN450PE of GRAVITY MAIN &RISING MAIN UPGRADES.
  • Switchroom building, inclusive of all electrical, mechanical and civil works.
  • Five (5) meter diameter, ~7m deep concrete cast insitu wet well, with integrated valve chamber, inclusive of all mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • ladder (valve pit ladder is to be GRP), two (2) DN375 gate valves, two (2) DN375 swing check valves (Dobbie metal seated).
  • Concrete cast insitu flowmeter chamber with DN450 flowmeter, FRP access ladder and McBerns access hatch.
  • 206kL cast insitu emergency storage concrete tank (internal: 12m x 7m, 2.6m deep), complete with access manhole, all under a trafficable concrete slab.
  • McBerns ZC 1500 odour control unit with exhaust fan.
  • Concrete platform incorporating wet well/valve chamber.
  • Site earthworks to provide a level platform, including drainage and stormwater (pits, sumps, pipework).
  • Protection bollards (location to be confirmed with Principal).
  • Type 1 security fencing around SPS permitter, including access gate and signage.
  • Concrete access driveway from Montague Street.
  • Montague Street reprofile (30m), to allow safe manoeuvrability (access and egress) of service vehicles in and around SPS 7.
  • 10m of DN560 PE 100 SDR 11, sewer gravity diversion.
  • DN50 PVC, relocated / realigned water main.
  • Air valves (AV) arrangements on sewer rising main.
  • Scour valve (SV) arrangements on sewer rising main.
  • Connection to the new DN500 PE sewer rising main.
  • Connection to the existing 450mm DICL sewer rising main at STP inlet works (T-Joint assembly).
  • DN375 / 450 DI pipework and fittings
  • RPZ device and water meter, including tap.
  • Decommission of old sewer pump station.
  • Demolition of existing switchroom building.
  • All temporary work, including bypass arrangements (Contractor to present to Principal for acceptance).
  • Wet ground
  • Limitation of the excavation area
  • Acid Sulphate Soil and its treatment
  • Stakeholder Management.
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